7 Tips For Arranging a Cheap yet Exciting Wedding


You will find that these techniques can be used in all scales of weddings and you can still have an amazing day to remember inshAllah.

  1. Invite fewer people– The more people you invite to your wedding the larger the bill gets. Try to keep the wedding invitation list limited to closest friends and relatives and NOT everyone you’ve ever met in your life. This probably adds up to the biggest expense considering a bigger venue and cost per plate etc.  
  2. Invitations Saving – Your invitations don’t have to be hand delivered and now with the invent of email/online services why do we still mail out wedding invitations. You can save a lot of money here. If you really want to do cards please outsource it to another cheaper country and trust us they do an amazing job.
  3. Food – This is a huge expense so make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Check and sample the food and stay within budget. Check around for prices at at least 3 or 4 venues and see what is the best option available. Main point is do your shopping around for the food as part of the venue expense.
  4. Wholesale Wedding Accessories – If you need wedding accessories for the reception, go through a wholesale dealer, not a wedding supply store — you’ll save a lot of money there. There are many online options available as well now.
  5. Wedding Dress Savings – This can be a huge expense as the dress is worn only once so set your budget wisely. There are also places if you look hard enough that you can buy the dress for about 10 – 30% of the price if its used. Also look around and ask some friends and relatives if they have a dress you could borrow etc. This is all dependent upon your budget and there is no shame in it whatsoever.
  6. No Boxed Gifts just Cash – Request on invitations that you don’t want gifts only envelopes. This will force people to give you money which helps offset the costs of the wedding. This is widely used and it is considered a norm to ask for this so don’t be shy.
  7. Decorated Locations – Consider a location that already has decorations in place OR requires fewer decorations. Other option is outdoor venues which are beautiful but have their own challenges so do your homework.