About Us

The Guurso Company is a one-stop marriage resource for Somali Muslims around the world. Our matrimonial website Guurso.net is the very first Somali Muslim Matrimonial Website specifically catered to Somali Muslims whether single or previously married. We also provide an extensive online community resource with authentic educational materials and services to facilitate the marriage process for our community. We have a team of scholars, marriage counselors and other qualified professionals that provide ongoing services such as seminars, courses, webinars and much more.

We at Guurso understand that the process of finding a suitable spouse can be frustrating and difficult especially in today’s busy world. That is why we have been working diligently for the last two years to bring you a platform that will ease this process for you.

When we founded Guurso.net we actively consulted many Scholars through each step of planning and development to ensure that our platform is 100% Sharia compliant and adheres to the strict guidelines pertaining to seeking a spouse within Islamic boundaries. Unfortunately many Muslim Matrimonial websites today prioritize financial gains at the expense of Islamic ethics and values. Guurso.net is exclusive to members who go through the rigorous registration process that includes testifying in adherence to Islamic guidelines. This helps us ensure your privacy and that only members genuinely interested in marriage get to view your profile and contact you.

Members also have the ability to report profiles and messages that are inappropriate or display un-Islamic conduct. We will firmly take the necessary actions and deal with such cases swiftly to continually improve our site. Your privacy and positive user experience is essential to us. We make this our priority in order to allow you to focus on more important matters such as finding a suitable spouse.

May Allah (SWT) grant you success in your search.